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Computer Repair – Going Wireless!!! Beginners Guide



Computer Repair – Want to go wireless?


Today I will go over the required equipment you will need to make your home into a  network. For starters you will need an active internet connection whether it’s a Cable, DSL, or Satellite.

 Computer Tips & Computer Repair Services Part 1: 

The first question to ask yourself is where should you position your wireless router in your home. This part is very important because wireless signals travels through the air and obstructions like walls weakens the signal. I would recommend choosing a spot that is the center point of your home.

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Computer Tips & Computer Repair Services Part 2:

The reason why you want to choose a good location is so that you can go anywhere in your home or building and still receive a signal. Before choosing the right router for you make sure to check the specifications as far as the range and system requirements. 

Computer Tips & Computer Repair Services Part 3:

If one router isn’t enough you can always add another for extended coverage.

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Computer Tips & Computer Repair Services Part 4:

As I mentioned before purchasing a router make sure you look at the system requirement for the hardware and it’s specifications as far as it’s range and effectiveness.

Look up any reviews that maybe helpful in choosing the right one. Once you have your router selected you can began by configuring it with the right settings.

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Computer Repair

Computer Tips & Computer Repair Services Part 5:

Overall the process of setting up a wireless device is simple but if you need further assistance feel free to contact me for additional help. One very important thing to remember when dealing with wireless networks is to setup a strong password for security. Try to avoid using easy to guess passwords, or very common ones.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out this post, and I hope you all enjoy the information that I have provided here today. If you need help click here to contact me. For more computer repair & service information feel free to check out my other posts.

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