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PC advice of the week: 2/20/2014

PC advice – You Only Have One Pair Of Eyes!


PC advice

PC advice

Do Your Best To Take Care Of Them!


Especially When It Comes To Using Technology.

If your like me who uses there computer hours upon hours at a time then you should take proper steps to ensure the safety of your eyes. Just as the saying above goes you only have one pair of eyes so you must take care of them.

PC advice tip number 1: 

Perhaps the simplest way to keep your eyes in tip top shape is to take a break often whenever you can. So if you find yourself constantly staring in one direction shift your focus to another point of your surroundings look outside or get up and walk around.

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PC advice tip number 2:

Believe it or  not screen glare can actually put a strain on your eyes. Either adjust your computer screen away from any reflective surfaces which may impact your vision or move your computer or laptop to another location.

PC advice

PC advice

PC advice tip number 3:

Another way to combat eye strain is to adjust the contrast on your computer seen. Doing so may make your images much clearer and sharper gradually helping your eyes. With more contrast your eyes won’t have to work as hard when viewing an image.

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PC advice tip number 4:

If further help is needed you can always adjust the color & brightness of your monitor for better viewing. Normally you can adjust these settings directly on the computer screen or under the video settings.

PC advice

PC advice

Thanks again for taking the time to check out this post, and I hope you all enjoy the information that I have provided here today. If you need help click here to contact me. For more computer repair & service information feel free to check out my other posts.

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For more information http://www.wikihow.com/Reduce-Glare-on-Your-Television-and-Computer-Screens

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