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Power Cord – Computer tip of the Week! 7/15/2013

Power Cord

Power Cord

Power Cord the answer of all answers

Should you keep your laptop connected to your power supply! Today I am going to answer that question for you.

Here are a few questions that I am going to answer! For this computer tip we are going to figure out which is the correct way for your computer to ensure a more healthier and longer battery.

At one time or another eventually your battery will die over time. Now you maybe wondering what are the signs? and how can you tell? With my computer tips you’ll be able to easily diagnose the cause of the problem.

As I said before over time your battery will start to die out. Now this may not happen overnight and my occur at a very slow rate.

I’m sure at one time or another you’ve noticed once the charger has been removed that your laptop doesn’t stay charged like it used too.

Power Cord – Computer tip number one if you unplug your charger you can modify the battery settings. Depending on your laptop the setting and features will vary.

Power Cord – Computer tip number two before charging your laptop its best to charge it once the battery life has gone down to at least %15 percent. 

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Power Cord

When your laptop’s battery is 100% charged, should you leave it plugged in? If so will it cause overheating, overcharging, etc? 

I know many of us like to keep our laptops constantly connected but surprisingly enough it can be harmful to leave the laptop power supply plugged in while the battery is at %100.

Once at %100 percent the computer stops recharging the battery. The problem comes in from the battery overheating which causes a shorter life span. The heat is the main culprit here.

It would be best to charge your laptop when its battery level is getting low, and then start charging the battery. Once the battery is at %100 percent then disconnect the power cord.

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