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Cleveland Computer Repair – Hello Everybody

Local Cleveland Computer Repair

My name is Andre and I am the PC Doctor here to assist in all your computer needs. I am happy to

finally have my own personal website which offers information on how to properly maintain your

computer. In addition to how-to directions I am offering my computer repair services in the

Cleveland Ohio area.

Cleveland Computer Repair

Cleveland Computer Repair

My services are affordable in comparison to other major companies. I do not charge a fee to travel

or check out a clients computer. My prices are just one flat rate price, I do not charge by the hour

and I do offer discounts for referrals and continuing customers.


Here is a brief know how of beginner safety steps to keep in mind before performing any type of

repair.   http://pcsupport.about.com/od/safetyconsiderations/qt/safety_tips.htm

Cleveland Computer Repair

Cleveland Computer Repair


If you have a computer issue and would like to give me a call my phone number is (216)315-4361.

Thanks I appreciate your time for checking out my site and I look forward to your business.

Lastly I will have more posts coming real soon!!!!!.


Check out my other great topics!!!

http://andrepcdoctor.com/p1352/ Be wary of traveling on the internet.


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