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Mission to Customers



  1. My future plans for my business is to establish a large customer base while maintaining excellent service.
  2. Possibly form partnerships with other information technology individuals.
  3. Expand to other areas besides the Cleveland Ohio area.
  4. Finish college and obtain my bachelors degree.
  5. Improve my knowledge  and understanding of computers.


 My pledge to my customers

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  1.  I will try to do my best to quickly fix and analyse a customers problem. 
  2. I will not lie to you as I will always give my honest opinion as best as I can. 
  3. If I cannot fix the problem their is no charge
  4. I will promptly keep in touch with a customer regarding their repair. 
  5. do not charge a fee to travel to your location
  6. do not charge by the hour only for that service needed. 


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