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PC Service – Should you buy a refurbished computer?

PC Service

PC Service

Cleveland PC Service – Refurbished computer

With so many options available in computers and new ones coming out every day it can be frustrating finding the right computer for you.

Once you find the right one, you discover a few weeks later that a newer better version has just come out. This leaves us with the question of whether or not to consider purchasing a refurbished computer.

Cleveland PC Service number 1:

Unless electronic equipment is damaged beyond all repair, it will normally end up being refurbished and placed back on the shelf, often at a much lower price point than a brand new item.

Of course, the price is a definite plus when considering a refurbished computer! Legally, these computers MUST be labeled as refurbished so you don’t have to worry when
you are purchasing a brand new computer that you will be getting a bad deal.

Cleveland PC Service number 2: What exactly is a refurbished computer?

Often times a “refurbished” computer has actually never been used; the end consumer could have ordered the wrong thing, opened the box and returned it….without using it! So essentially you are getting an AWESOME bargain since it can’t be sold as brand new, but you will be able to pay the lesser price.

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Cleveland PC Service number 3:

Even if a computer has been used, it is put through a rigorous testing process before being sold.  It is wiped clean and any new parts needed are replaced. It is tested and retested to make sure that you are getting a quality product.


Cleveland PC Service  number 4: Pro’s & Cons Part 1


The downside of purchasing refurbished is that it is not “brand new” some people just HAVE to have the brand new car, brand new house, and brand new everything-it’s psychological.

If you get the heebie jeebies at the thought of using something someone else has, I would not suggest refurbished, no matter how broke you are since you probably will just not be happy using it.

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Cleveland PC Service  number 5: Pro’s & Cons Part 2

Another downside may be that you may not be able to customize your computer. You also have to be careful to make sure that it’s not sold “as is” and that it has all the components such as usb ports that you might be looking for. Also if you are planning on connecting existing components such as a gaming system make sure that everything is compatible.

Cleveland PC Service  number 6: Final Thoughts

I would definitely consider purchasing a refurbished computer. In the long run you are saving money and getting an excellent product.

Do not be afraid to ask detailed questions about the computer before shelling out your hard earned money. Many store representatives will gladly help you toward getting the computer that meets your needs.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out this post, and I hope you all enjoy the information that I have provided here today. If you need help click here to contact me. For more computer repair & service information feel free to check out my other posts.

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For more information http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2374269,00.asp

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