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Power Issues: Why won’t my computer power on?

Power Issues

Power Issues

Power Issues, don’t fret, I’ve got your back!!!

Have you ever wondered why your computer won’t turn on? Don’t fret because Andre The PC Doctor has the answer for you.

Below is a series of information of how my computer repair service can assist you.

After a hard day’s work you decide to relax and unwind, and you decide to check your messages and look at your email.

Let’s say you go to turn on your computer just like any normal day. You proceed to press the power button and to your surprise you noticed your computer doesn’t power on like it used to do.

You see that there isn’t any noise of it booting up or any lights flashing to signal any signs of life. At this point you stop and wonder what is going on. Don’t panic because the PC Doctor has your back.

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Computer Troubleshooting

My computer repair services will provide fast same day service to get your PC back on track.

If you’ve had your current computer at least a few years or more then there is a possibility that the power supply may have died.  The power supply supplies all the necessary power to turn on your computer without it your computer will not power on.

Depending on how high end your power supply is and how often you use your computer will determine is life span.

Overall this isn’t a common problem that occurs but as a computer user you have a couple years of life. Once the power has been replaced your computer will return back to normal just like you’ve left it.

Overall replacing the power supply isn’t a very expensive repair. The price ranges from a decent to good one starts from $20 -$50.

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Power Issues

Power Issues


If you suspect that your computer needs to have a new power supply don’t be afraid to contact me for my computer repair services.

If you may require any additional help, or have questions when determining the best option for your computer.

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