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Computer Repair, And Computer Maintenance


Computer Installation                       computer-wallpaper-137                                                                       

(Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7  & 8)

Operating System Reinstall / Repair

Operating System Reinstall / Repair, plus

copying and moving data 


Computer Maintenance & Services

Installation of Hardware

  • Hard drives, Video cards, CPUS, Memory, Sound Cards, CD/DVD drives,etc

Add / Install Software Programs


  • Operating Systems (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8) and Programs 



Perform and manage data retrieval

Computer Dust Clean out

Computer Lessons

Hard drive backup to CD/DVD/Tape/HDD/External HD/ZIP


Internet and Wireless configuration setup

DSL/Cable Single & Multiple PC Network Installation

Wireless Networking setup

Website Design 


Software Applications

Microsoft Office Word (2003, 2007)


Microsoft Office Excel (2003, 2007)

Microsoft Office PowerPoint (2003, 2007)

Microsoft Office Access (2003, 2007) 

Troubleshooting Viruses



Remove Virus, Adware, and Spyware

Install antivirus software and removeVirus and Spyware and Tune UP PC

Remove Virus and Spyware, reinstall OS and copy data back to computer



Customer Support 


*Provides customer support via phone, remote assistance*

*Provides suggestions for future upgrades and equipment *

! Any computer related questions I will happily answer them 🙂


Contact information


If you wish to contact me about any of the services above please

feel free to call 216-315-4361.

I do not charge by the hour nor travel if I cannot fix your problem THEIR IS NO CHARGE . 


*Returning customers can receive discounts*


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