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Troubleshooting – Why is my Internet browser running slow?

Computer Troubleshooting



For today’s computer troubleshooting tips I am going to over a few causes as to why you maybe experiencing slower internet browsing speeds. This is a moderate issue to determine and fix, and maybe simple to fix in as little as ten to fifth-teen minutes depending on the severity of the slowdown.

I’m sure at one time or another you’ve wondered Why Oh Why is my internet browser running so slow all of a sudden . This can include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and possibly Google Chrome and Opera.

Computer Troubleshooting Tip number one: 

One possible cause could be slow internet speeds from your internet service provider. Cable users speeds depend on how many other users in your area and the time of day. For DSL users  sometimes you may receive less than normal maximum speeds than you maybe used to receiving. With slower speeds your browsing abilities can be slowed down.

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Computer Troubleshooting Tip number two: 

If your online and you notice your browser is operating slower than usual then more than likely it could be too many apps running in the background. Apps are programs that is extensions of your internet browser that include additional features.

These features can give you the ability to download multiple pictures and videos or provide additional protection from viruses. The more apps you have the more resources get used up and may cause slowdown on your computer. Each browser may have different names for apps, and may also be called extensions.

Remember to remove as many as possible especially if you aren’t even using them at all. Sometimes these programs can be installed on your computer without your knowledge or when you install software programs.



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Computer Troubleshooting Tip number three 

One common reason why you maybe experiencing slower browsing speeds is having to many toolbar’s. Having too many toolbar’s may seems harmless but over time depending on which internet browser you are using can cause slower browsing speeds and can induce instability.

If you must use a toolbar I would recommend sticking to just one or one that your used to using. Afterall it doesn’t make any sense to have more than one. Pay attention to when your installing new software programs on your computer because sometimes they may install a toolbar without your knowledge.

If your browser looks like this then Yes you need to uninstall them.




Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this post I would appreciate any questions or comments you may have, and if you wish to contact me please call or email me. In the future I will post a part 2 of this posts that will include additional reasons why your browser maybe running slower. For more computer troubleshooting tips, computer tips, computer repair & computer service information please check out my other posts.

Additional information –  http://www.businessinsider.com/why-your-computer-slows-down-2013-8


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